“Beautifully designed...”

- TouchArcade

“This is like Asteroids on steroids!”

- a quote that stuck out to me from one of my beta testers.


SPINGUN is a "manic two-button arcade shooter". Two buttons. One spaceship. Zero chance to survive.

Goliath is attacking your planet, but you've heroically stayed behind with your ship so your family can evacuate. SPIN and GUN your way to victory.

Fly and steer with either single button, or press both buttons at once to fire your ship’s powerful blaster gun. Grab powerups to launch missiles, plasma balls, and flames at your foes. Blast em to bits quick to repair your ship. How long can you fight them off?

Inspired by wonderful games like Downwell, Luftrausers, and Asteroids, SPINGUN takes the juice up to 11, and makes you feel like an action movie hero as you tumble through the smoke-filled sky slicing through enemies.

SPINGUN is free (on iOS and Android), but players can "Pay What You Want" to purchase the full game as an In-App Purchase to remove ads, unlock the Hardcore and Boss Fights mode, the Ballpit, and unlock ship customization. No pay-to-win ship upgrades, just MORE GAME!


  • Endless, a classic “how long can you survive” mode with random weapon powerups
  • Endless Hardcore, one hp, no heals, EXTRA DEADLY
  • Endless Cursed, deal with 5 game-changing curses that will break your brain. 
  • Zones, fight against set waves of curated enemies with only one weapon powerup
  • Boss Fights, test your skills against goliath monsters
  • Ballpit, a pointless goofy arena filled with balls, have fun with physics!


SPINGUN started as a 48-hour game-jam project as part of Ludum Dare 34. Since then, I couldn’t stop thinking about the theme of “Two-Buttons”, and how I could get the most depth from a super simple control scheme. I continued development and opened up a public beta through TouchArcade, something I’ve never done before. Thankfully, the testers were really loving it, and gave me quite a few ideas to finish up the game. Even though I developed the game completely myself, I couldn’t have done it without the support and ideas from my friends and testers.