Baseless - Dev Log #3



// TwitchTV!
// Flamethrower powerup!
// Stuff stays on fire and can cause chain reaction fire spreading. Neat! 
// x2 bonus if you kill two enemies at the same time!
// Secretly planning Greenlight and KickStarter campaigns! (I'd love any advice. :p)


It's been a whole week without sharing any pretty gifs? How rude of me... I've gotta make a few more, but here's one to hold you over until then. I'm working on some more enemy type variations. This guy sucks.


Another quick update:

I've been playing around with a bunch of power up ideas, like the wrecking ball gif from earlier. Below is another possibility; a little robot ally turret guy.

These powerups would only last a short amount of time, but they can make a huge difference in how you play for that short amount of time. Furthermore, these are stackable, so you can for instance get the rapid fire powerup WITH the multishot powerup and be a powerhouse for a brief time. Some pretty interesting combos happen. 

I'm pretty happy with how things are coming along lately. Wish me luck with the rest!


Working on some sweet powerups and special weapons. Here's the funnest one so far, inspired by the great Miley Cyrus:

Some behind-the-scenes stuff is happening too, and my game is starting to feel like a game. They grow up so fast! <3


Long time no update! Lots of work being done, but it's not necessarily pretty/shareable. See?

Trying to figure out what the gui/hud should look like, and, more importantly, the general gameplay objective/flow. Trying a bunch of ideas and seeing what sticks. Getting closer! I've felt stuck for quite a while now, but I AM GETTING CLOSER. Wish me luck, and gimme all the ideas, plz.


Yoooo, after getting some feedback, i went from these options:

to this combo win/win.