Baseless - Dev Log #1

baseless is a game. a game about space cowboys and scarves.

THIS IS A DEV LOG (for now)


I'm still not sure exactly what direction I want to go with the actual gameplay, sooooooo more misc pre-polish, randomly-generated space/planets (lol #nomanssky) and TREES!


Decided I wanted to challenge myself again, so planet jumping with relative gravity and a rotating view. It's quite fun! But it might be too freaky. We'll see!


More gunzzz.


Instead of sticking with those stacked-paper things for the enemies, I wanted to push myself away from the David-y look, so I put together this sky-snake-dragon thing. My wife loves it. :D As you can see, it definitely stole some code from the scarf.

Sometimes it death-spirals, and its terrifying and funny and a bit beautiful i think.


I'm a nerd and had watched Attack On Titan, recently, and was really influenced by both the high-flying/jetpacky combat AND the character design of the kid Mikasa. That SCARF yo.

So here's a combination of those things:

I really like how the scarf turned out. I think it adds a lot of playfulness to the all the movement.

Also, at this point, I was going for a stacked/folding-paper look with the enemies and environment, but I think I'm not going that direction anymore.

ALSO, super grenade rocket boom guy. 


After some fiddling, I decided on a vague visual direction. Fantasy space with a fairly well defined color scheme. Looks like some sort of fall sunset, and I love it.


A new project is born and revealed to the public. I'm deciding to be more publicly open and show-n-tell-y during the development of this project, and I decided that for a few reasons.

  1. Publicity.
  2. Community.
  3. Constant Feedback.
  4. Visible/Tangible Progress.
  5. To work on my mad writing skills.

The project was originally titled "Hitter" and I started out with something really similar to Planet Punch. But it felt too similar to David. So GUNS INSTEAD. Here's a screenshot of a bunch of debuggy numbers that told me the speed of each bullet. Kinda silly, but helpful at the time!