Summer Update 1.3 is LIVE!

New content for free? Better late than never! Get on and check out the all the cool things I've been working on.


  • 2 New Levels: COIL and PENT.
  • Timed "Very" Leaderboards for every level. (GET THE FASTEST TIME!)
  • A second hidden secret hidden fun place. (Radical, dude.)
  • 5 New Achievements. (Sorry 100%-ers!)
  • A new aesthetic goody on the rack if you beat the 2 new levels on Very.
  • See scores close to yours in ARENA.
  • Controller Support (in config from main menu).
  • Custom Key Binding (in config from main menu).
  • UI/UX upgrade tweaks all around.

Let me know what you think about it all and good luck getting the fastest times on the leaderboards!

Anyways, thanks for sticking around and being a great community. I'm incredibly thankful for every single person who has tried out this game I've put so much work into. As of right now (including bundles and other non-Steam sales) over 30,000 people have David on Steam. That's just nuts and I don't think I'll ever really totally grasp how cool that is...